Energy Saving Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen in Ottawa


Door seals
Place a piece of paper between the door seals and the door. If the paper moves in and out easily, the seal isn't working. Adjusting the door may solve the problem. If not, replace seals.

Frost build-up
Should not be more than 6mm. Defrost regularly. Keep freezer as full as possible to prevent heavy icing.

Don't place the Refrigerator/freezer near the wall oven or stove, or against a wall exposed to sun. Allow room for air to circulate around the unit.

Condenser coils
Condenser coils (the frame of black pipes usually at the back) must be kept clean.

Full or empty?
Refrigerators/freezers work best when they are full. Leave enough room between food items where cold air may circulate.

Opening and closing the door
Remove all items for a meal at one time. When you've finished, replace them all at once. The less you open the door, the less electricity is used.

Going on holidays?
If you're away for an extended period, turn off your refrigerator/freezer, clean it out and leave the door open.

Second refrigerator/freezer?
Do the same checks on your second refrigerator. (If a second refrigerator is needed, make sure it's used to full capacity.)


Door hinges and seals
If the door doesn't open and close smoothly, it may be buckled or have damaged hinges. Ask a professional technician to check it to make repairs or adjustments. Clean door seals regularly. Check for signs of wear or damage. Replace flat or split door seals. 

Economy cooking
Plan to cook several things at once. Place cooking containers so that they don't touch each other or the sides of the oven. Use heat left in the oven after cooking to warm dinner plates. Fan-forced ovens reduce cooking time and save electricity.

Cook Top/Elements

Coil elements

Replace damaged coils. Clean the reflector under the coils for full heating benefit. Replace damaged reflectors.

Solid hotplates
Use a recommended hotplate conditioner to preserve the surface. Replace it if damaged.

Glass or ceramic cook top
Clean away any burnt-on food, making sure not to scratch the surface. Replace the cook top if damaged.

Economy cooking
Use pots and pans with snug-fitting lids and flat bases that stay in contact with the heat surface. The base of the pot should be the same size as the hotplate. Don't use the griller to make toast. A toaster uses a lot less electricity. 

Clean filters regularly. Vent the exhaust to push air outside your home. Turn off rangehood light when not needed. Use the exhaust fan on the lowest speed.



Keep clean so water can circulate freely.

Follow manufacturer's instructions for best results. Wait until it is full before turning it on. When buying a dishwasher, choose one with both hot and cold water connections. They are cheapest to run.

Small appliances
Electric kettles, toasters, grills, crockpots, skillets and coffee makers will usually provide far better value than using the stove. 


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