Commercial Restaurant Design Service in Ottawa

Jordash can come up with a great commercial restaurant design in Ottawa that’ll help you save money and run an efficient kitchen. Here are some of our design options.

 Shawarma concept
 50-seat restaurant
 250-seat restaurant

Kitchen Design Plan (required by most health departments)

Labour savings is integral in design. Equipment layout is situated for maximum work flow, as well as savings through current innovations in workers' comfort.
  Estimated value/savings: $2000* 

Kitchen Equipment

Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans and specifications, required for construction and building departments. Utilizing available space effectively can result in more seating for customers and in turn, more profit.
 Estimated value/savings: $2000*

Implementation of Sanitary and Health Codes (required by inspectors)

Reducing the possibility of food poisoning. 
 Estimated value/savings: $1000* 

Utility and Trash Reduction

Integrated into the equipment selection process. Menu and engineering review to determine proper equipment choices for your restaurant, brand selection included.
 Estimated value/savings: $7000* 

Construction Fit-Out

Construction fit-out costs are substantially reduced by designing around and including existing conditions and utilities, which reduces delays in obtaining permits.
 Estimated value/savings: $5000-$15 000* 

A $4000 design and investment consultation can save close to $25 000.

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*Based on an average net cost of $4000

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